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We At Data Cluster Systems Have Ability To Leverage Wide Breadth of Technologies, Programming and Research. Transforming The Society & Redefining The Innovation!

Innovation as a corporate culture Since our founding more than 5 years ago, innovation has been at the heart of our corporate culture. It is this very innovation that has allowed the Data Cluster Systems to continually reinvent itself and maintain a strong and stable performance over the past few years. The Company’s innovation are continuously contributing to the evolution of the digital ecosystem, enabling operators or users to extend their manoeuvrability and stay ahead of the trends. Opening up an endless set of possibilities for richer, more personalized & secure experiences.

"Developing Reliable Software System for Next Generation Digital Ecosystem"

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We are a Bangalore (India) based Internet of Things, Data Mining, Software Development Company founded in September 2010. We Drive Wide Breadth of Software & Hardware Technologies, Embedded C, C++, Linux, Device Driver Development, Advanced Mining Algorithms, IOT, Web Development etc. Conquering Diversifying Transcending Simplifying Converging Finally Transforming Ideas, Insights and Thoughts into Focused Vision.!

With an expansive product range and a strong emphasis on research and collaboration, we provide complete dcs solutions to the world's leading manufacturers across a variety of industries.

Dissolving Industry Boundaries
We are a high energy, result oriented, fast paced organization with a culture of excellence. At Data Cluster Systems, we strive to provide the right paths for our customers to most effectively achieve their visions. We focus on personalized solutions to create powerful impacts on customer business. This Information Technology industry sets the bar in digital transformation and non-stop innovation. Data Cluster Systems are redefining the way we work and play; Redefining Intelligence; Redesigning things around us;

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Data Cluster Systems helps in building current eco-system create better, more sustainable, secure and truly user-centered systems. In a digital era value creation lies in software and we are your strategic partner to help translate emerging trends and customer expectations into viable products and services, revenue streams and new business models. An avalanche of intelligent technologies such as Data Mining, Machine Learning, Ant Colony Frameworks features and rapid innovation in the ecosystem are redefining the ovreall transition experience.


We are dedicated to solve our client’s challenges in their endeavor to connect the world, improve lives, and build a better future. We partner to deliver innovative engineering and support services powered by enabling software.

Software & Technologies

Advancing the Human Experience. Engineering The Future. Data Cluster Systems is a global design and engineering company innovating for the digital era. we help the world's versatile companies to solve their most important business and technology innovation challenges.


We have put together unique technology-driven solutions that address pressing industry needs by bringing together business acumen, full spectrum of services and software components.

Research & Development

Started Reaesrach on Computer Aided Dental Identification System (Forensic Odontology / Dentistry). Built software for the Fine Tuned - Data Mining & deployed globally. Building operational discipline and accelerates diversification.

Data Mining and Analytics:
The volume and diversity of data being captured by companies today is staggering. This exponential growth in collected data increases the demand for data analysis and the need to turn this information into business processes and actionable plans to make smarter strategic decisions. Gain fresh new insights into emerging trends and behaviors that can significantly increase your revenue and reduce cost with Data Cluster Systems data mining technology.

What Is IoT?
The internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.The IoT links smart objects to the Internet. It can enable an exchange of data never available before, and bring users information in a more secure way. Cisco estimates the IoT will consist of 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. Gain deeper insight with analytics using our IoT System to enhance productivity, create new business models, and generate new revenue streams.

Our Portfolio

Leads clients on their digital transformation journey, providing innovative next-generation technology solutions and services that leverage deep industry expertise, global scale, technology independence and an extensive partner community

By combining market insights with a rich understanding of human needs and behaviors, we identify business opportunities that will resonate with your customers.
With a strong perspective on the future of technology, we apply our expertise in what is possible today to create solutions that are relevant, implementable, scalable, and cost-effective.
We conceptualize new products and services in the context of the target market, your company’s portfolio, and the evolution of your business.

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We develop a plan to bring product and service offerings to market with maximum impact by connecting you to the right partners and customers.We shape brand meaning to inspire authentic, relevant, and differentiated product and service experiences.

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Our Team Possess Exposed Experience in All Disciplines with Unparalleled Capabilities. Our Professional Profiles, Backbone Workers behind the scene of our company are Listed Below:

  1. Anirudh Shankar - Founder
  2. Preethi R - Marketing Head
  3. Karthik Venkatesh - Chief Financial Officer
  4. Archana Hirannaiya -Chief Technology Officer
  5. Venkatesh K R -Electronics Engineering Specialist
  6. Anup H S - Product Compliance Lead
  7. Suhas Jain - Senior Product Engineer
  8. Harish G - Senior Game Analyst
  9. Prasad CM - Senior Web Developer
  10. Srikanth K N - Assistant Manager - BPO Operations
  11. Harsha B N - Senior Process Analyst
  12. Madhu S Math - Online Promotions & Marketing
  13. Nagarjun Deekshith - Legal Advisor
  14. Hitesh Prasad - Junior Software Developer
  15. Sri Vishwa - Accounts & Finance Manager

Data Cluster Systems's team consists of highly educated and experienced systems, hardware, software engineers and managers. They will work with you to find right solutions to your IT needs.


Data Cluster Systems's experience, quality, reliability, teamwork, and unsurpassed technical support make us a leader in Application Developement and analysis. Our customers rely on Data Cluster Systems to ensure that they stay "technology-smart" and ahead of the competition. The following list represents just a few of our customers:

  1. Shasta Solutions
  2. Just Adventures
  3. C M Informatics
  4. Project Smile Dental Clinic
  5. Sudeep Opticals
  6. Wilian Solutions
  7. Quest Infrastructure
  8. Adosat Event Management
  9. Lakshmi Venkateshwara Textile
  10. Vinayaka Paper Conversions

With the passion of making software systems available immediately, We are well equipped with thorough technical centre armed by competent technocrafts to create innovative solutions that ushers our customers clients to magnify the market precisely effectively and efficiently.


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Curious to see some of our work? Take a look at some of our sophisticated software & hardware design, development, deployment, we will be happy to share our work with you.

  1. Just Adventures
  2. Shasta Solutions
  3. Violin Murthy
  4. Data Cluster Systems Blog
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